Success Tip #6: Heather Brushwood

Success Tip #6

Heather Brushwood, Area Business Manager

Q What is your piece of advice?A No matter what your business, it’s all about people.

If they work for you: Train them, trust them and let them shine. If you invest in them and love and appreciate them with consistent feedback it fosters trust, loyalty and hard work yielding positive results.

If you work for them: Do what’s right and what you would expect if you hired you. Correct mistakes, make it right, work hard and understand that your d…

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Success Tip #5: Stephanie Stovall Phillips

Success Tip #5

Stephanie Stovall Phillips, ChamberRVA

Q What is your piece of advice?A I’ve always felt that it’s important to be genuine and true to who you are as a person and professional. Secondly, what I’ve learned over the years is to surround yourself with people who will lift you and others up – not pull you down into negativity. So, that’s my 2 cents.

Q What is your favorite thing from 2016 (accomplishment, resource, book, quote, experience)?

A I have been putting together a booklet of s…

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Success Tip #4: Todd Bradberry

For this weeks Success Tip, I'm featuring Todd Bradberry, MBA, Parallel Management Company.  Todd is also assisting me during my maternity leave this month on my 12-week Mastermind program.

Take a moment and read his success tip and his accomplishment and more from 2016.

Success Tip #4 Todd Bradberry, MBA, Parallel Management Company

Q What is your piece of advice?A "Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job." Jim Rohn

Mr. Jim Rohn was my first virtual coach and mentor. We didn't…

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Success Tip #3: Shelly Pereira

Success Tip #3 Shelly Pereira, Founder, Sales Coach & Trainer, Verance Consulting

Q What is your piece of advice?

A When developing your sales goals for 2017, determine the revenue generating activities that will ensure your success. Eliminate what didn’t work in 2016. Break annual goal into quarterly, monthly and weekly time frames and hold yourself accountable. Review and measure your performance regularly. Remember, you cannot hit a target you cannot see. Post your sales goals and metrics wh…

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Success Tip #2: Stephanie Drake

ABPC Success Tip Series

Success Tip #2 Stephanie Drake, CAM Marketing Manager

Q What is your piece of advice?

A Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.


Q What is your favorite thing from 2016 (accomplishment, resource, book, quote, experience)?

A 2016 was a growth year for me both personally and professionally. I advanced in my career, and met new people and became involved in an organization which is passionate about helping people live the best possible life they can.

About the Success Tip Seri…

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Goal Setting Using the Big, Medium and Small Process

ABPC Goal Setting

When we create goals and set markers for success in our business we can fall into several traps.

We can create goals that sound good but ultimately have no achievement value because either we have no idea how to obtain them or we do now know the value of obtaining them.

In order to break this cycle we developed a three step process for goal creation and achievement.

We call this the BMS Process: Big, Medium, and Smalls

When we create goals using the BMS Process, we identify:

1. the big pain poi…

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Make $1800 More a Week by Doing This

Many times in my networking and meeting with prospects, I hear the comment,
“I cannot afford to pay a coach or for consulting right now.”
The average person spends almost 50% of their time at work in a state of non-productivity. ​ If you own your business, this statistic means that only HALF the hours you spend away from your family, your hobbies you love, and your life are actually productive. Maybe you’re already aware of the dangers of poor productivity because you’re seeing that what you set…

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Success Tip #1: Bob Fowler, Jr

Join me the next few weeks as I post business tips from successful business owners in the nation!

Enjoy Success Tip #1 by Bob Fowler, Jr, CEO, of KB Fowler Trucking, and my uncle!

Success Tip #1

Bob Fowler Jr., CEO, KB Fowler Trucking

Q What is your piece of advice?

A "There is no substitute for hard work", to succeed and endure, you must be willing to do the work and stay with it through good times and bad.

Q What is your favorite thing from 2016 (accomplishment, resource, book, quote, experien…

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December STAR Award, Thomas Leahy

December STAR Award Recipient

Tom Leahy

thomas-leahy-star-award-dec-2016Tom is co-owner and Managing Partner of Optimum Ed, a Richmond-based higher education and financial aid planning firm, and the co-founder and current president of Beacon Tree Foundation, dedicated to assisting families with mentally ill children, by providing information, resources and funding.

Tom is a member of the Virginia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and the Higher Education Consultants Association, as well as a member of the Inte…

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