Freedom Isn't Universal: An Army Wife's Perspective

baby vyc

“What do you mean you don’t celebrate the Fourth of July!?” 

At the time this astonished reaction came out of my mouth, I was working on a highly diverse stunt team that included people from Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, and several other countries. About six of us were American. In honor of the holiday, we’d decided to have a barbeque. 

As everyone was enjoying their grilled yummies, I turned to my Australian friend and asked him what he normally did at home f…

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Miscarriages and Entrepreneurship


If you have been around for a minute, you know this already… but just in case, I have a confession to make: I am a little competitive. 

Okay, maybe more than a little. 

It’s just that when I commit to something, I like to make sure I am absolutely, positively, 100% IN. That means… 

🥎 If it is a game, I’ll do everything I can to make sure my team wins.

💻 If it’s a course, I ensure it actually delivers results (and is never half @$$ed).

🎞 If it’s my Youtube channel, that my content always b…

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Not Your Duck

Some of you may have heard this story from me or someone before so if you have hopefully this will be review.

So often in life there are times in which we spend way too much energy and time on other’s problems, only to realize that it is not my problem.

I love hearing this lesson illustrated through the story of the duck. For those of you who have never heard it you are in for a treat.
One day a man opens his door to see his neighbor there in a panic holding a glass vase with a duck stuck inside. …

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To Do List Conquering Worksheet

It's time to stop fearing our to-do lists. 
Let's commit to stop over scheduling and then being disappointed that we were unable to keep up with our unrealistic expectations.

Let's commit to stop being overwhelmed, even to the point of being paralyzed, by our to do lists.

Let's commit to conquering the really important, urgent items and shedding, delegating or delaying the items that aren't important.
Don't wait for the new year.  Start this practice with me today.  Download my To-Do List Conqueri…

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