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How Curiosity Can Cure Culture

When did we stop asking the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

The adult version of this question is “What are you passionate about?”. A team that quits learning, quits growing. Continuing to be curious and fine-tuning can lead to big results for companies. This talk showcases how to foster creativity, curiosity, and the space to let it flow whether on a team or for a solopreneur. Organizations and individuals can expect to learn a safe and productive way to create these opportunities for curiosity, and the mindset around this. Attendees will receive experiential activities and mindset exercises to take back to their workplaces and improve culture and speak creativity.


Burnout Prevention

Stress and burnout cost companies millions of dollars each year, if not more. 

Studies indicate that at one time or another we have all been there. Whether personal or professional no one teaches Burnout 101 in school. They should. Learn the path to burnout and signs that indicate you are headed there long before the physical, mental, and emotional toll it takes on a family, a company, and an individual. Using the simple steps discussed in this talk a team, organization, and individual can save themselves, literally. Organizations who have implemented these steps say it was like “therapy for their business and made everything else make so much more sense”. Born from a background in business and a master’s degree in psychology, this presentation is supported with examples and real-life situations to have an immediate and long-lasting impact for your organization and self. 

*This is our most popular talk, often selected as a keynote for associations and organizations.


Know Your Herd: The True Story of Engagement and Workplace Culture

How well do you really know your team members?​

Have you spent thousands of dollars on team building that only lasts a few hours or days after the event? The truth is that engagement and workplace culture is a little more complicated than bowling and beers. If personality-based training and ropes courses are not getting you the results you were dreaming of, then how about taking experiential concepts that have worked for thousands of years for survival, teamwork, and evolution to create a dream team. After learning how to ride horses before she could walk, Bunny has been fascinated with horses and herd dynamics. After a decade of working in organizations on the psychology of success and using hundreds of herd dynamic examples, she found the solution. She started bringing the office “herds” to the ranch. Learn what lessons have come out of these days at the ranch and how to bring them back your own herds to increase morale, engagement, and retention.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

A Better Place Consulting

“Bunny’s presentation changed my mindset. I used to think of my personal and work life as having two separate goals and values. Now I realize that I can and should live my personal values in every aspect of my business. That authenticity is driving me to become a better person in my business life. It feels refreshing to feel that I’m bringing a ‘greater good’ to my business and clients.”

A Better Place Consulting

“Innovative, engaging, inspiring –Bunny’s presentation guides the way off of autopilot to real feedback and real change!”

Executive Director, Powhatan Chamber of Commerce

A Better Place Consulting

“Bunny is extraordinarily thorough in her sessions. Her passion for her clients is evident, as is her desire to bring out the best in each as an individual.”

“Bunny reminded us our reason for being in business.  She re-ignited our purpose, drive and spirit.”

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"It's completely safe to say that you've never experienced anyone like Bunny! Let her spark innovation, productivity, and vision in your organization."


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