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A Better Place Consulting

“Working with Bunny has been so incredibly helpful to me personally and to our business! We started off with Bunny with one goal, and over time as things and life changed, we evolved that goal and accomplished so much! She helped us think about our business differently, set goals, stay accountable, and chip away until we reached our goals! We will hand down recommend working with Bunny!!”

Owners of Transitions Float Spa

A Better Place Consulting

“Bunny has a unique way of showing you how you can make significant changes to your life by implementing daily, weekly and monthly strategies. It just makes sense! You have goals you want to achieve? Then follow her system. Taking all the small steps, knowing your why and understanding what it's going to take to get there are vital to moving forward. She has such a deep passion for helping others that her enthusiastic and positive attitude is so encouraging. It makes you want to keep going! I am grateful for the journey and know that I will be using her teachings for years to come! ”