Hey Difference Maker!

This experience was designed with one goal in mind: Share the value we all have with each other. Each discussion is not meant to sell, educate, or push product. The wirework behind this concept was to share a space where we can give each other empathy and inspiration.


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The Discussions

Every human in these videos is joining you from exactly where they are each and every day. Their living rooms, kitchens, snuggling with dogs, wrangling kids. They are sharing vulnerable messages in authentic space.

The NFL being Cancelled and Black Lives Matter Talk with Sam Anderson

Super Hero Vernon Brown brings his a Game and Shares Some Scars on this Difference Makers Discussion

Your to do list versus to Be list with Natalie Toalson McNamara of CreativeMKT Group

Perspective and Pursuit of Happiness with Adele Spraggon

Laurel and Bunny Discuss Making a Difference While Putting Yourself First

What you don't know

Release in Order To Heal During this time

There's a DEER! with Steve and Bunny

How to be doing MOR right now with Mark Smith and Bunny Young

Creating Empathy while Social Distancing

Who are you during this crisis? with Erin Leigh, Chris Harris, and Bunny Young

Powerful women get vulnerable with Dr. Tracey Gendron and Nicole Anderson

Slaying Self Care with two Badass Mothers!!! Katherine Wintsch and Bunny Young

Get to Know the real Damon and Bunny

Difference Makers Local RVA

Jay and Bunny business bond began with fur babies

Faith forward thinking for life and business with Casey and Bunny

Teaser http://differencemakers.life/

Introverts Shelter in Place Bunny and Erin

30 Day Business Pivot

Difference Makers Discussion with Eléa, Adam, and Bunny

Welcome To Difference Makers Discussions!

Difference Makers - CoWorking with Kids

MUST WATCH! Difference Makers Discussion Bunny and Bill Keeler

Difference Maker Discussion with Mo Fathelbab and Bunny Young

Rick Whittington, Whittington Consulting

Difference Makers Discussion with our Youth about these times

Difference Makers Discussion with Eléa, Adam, and Bunny

Difference Maker Members

Adam Von Ins
Chris Harris
Eléa Faucheron
Erin Leigh
Rick Whittington
Bill Keeler
Tiffany Jana
April Palmer
Christopher Jones
Melissa Laughon
Damon Burton
Jay Carpenter
Casey Fabling
Steve Perkins
Andrea Goulet
Rob Long
Susie Fife
Kimberly Fields
Laurel Holland
Nicole Mason
Katherine Wintsch
Mark Smith
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