Death of a Salesman

Your Complete Guide to Driving Sales in Your Business

So many business owners struggle with sales and the balance of feeling genuine but still making money. You CAN do both. Learn the best strategies to build relationships and increase profits.

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DEFY Toolbox for Success

A Complete Work Life Alignment Toolbox and Live Coaching

Discover, implement and keep the habits that drive results. Double your income and your impact in 6 months (even if you have no time!)

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Unstuck in 30 Days

Work-life alignment. Find fulfillment from what you do and who you are every day of the week.
“The kickstart for the next chapter of your life”

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Streamline to 7 Figures

Real results FAST to millions and more!
How would it wake to up to income in your inbox? To have multiple streams of income bringing in consistent months without these rollercoaster bank balance rides? What about if we could do it quickly?

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Financial Freedom: Part 1

Learn the 3 things that will make you more money this year without you having to do more work or take another one of those get-rich quick courses!

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Financial Freedom: Part 2

So good we ran out of time but we are back for more! This one will be focused on YOUR questions, Crypto, and Savings!

Stop focusing on making money and learn how to manage the money you have and have your money work harder than you!

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Heart Storming Session Replay

Part 1 & Part 2

After watching this replay you will:
Have the momentum to start 2022 off strong. Go beyond knowing but actually be able to feel and have intuition into your next steps. Take the night off of the how and stress and lean into the limitless possibilities of your dreams and future

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Network to Net Worth

Learn how to increase the value of your current list (no matter how small)
Peek into how I netted multiple six figures from a list of less than 300 people!
How to bring more value to your list
Grow your list organically by doing these things
Get the most ROI for and from your community in 2022

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Income and Impact: How to Double Your income and my impact in 6 months (or less!)

In this free masterclass, I share about how I doubled my income and my impact in 6 months. I use a 4 step outline to share with you the tools and simplicity behind the success as well as dive deep into a transformation that allowed me to really see how income and impact are related.

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Making a Difference for Small Businesses & Organizations