Success Tip #6: Heather Brushwood

Success Tip #6

Heather Brushwood, Area Business Manager

Q What is your piece of advice?A No matter what your business, it’s all about people.

If they work for you: Train them, trust them and let them shine. If you invest in them and love and appreciate them with consistent feedback it fosters trust, loyalty and hard work yielding positive results.

If you work for them: Do what’s right and what you would expect if you hired you. Correct mistakes, make it right, work hard and understand that your deadlines are no match to theirs. Be honest, hardworking, detailed and communicate consistently. Similarly it fosters trust, loyalty and being who you would hire for who hired you means they will hire you again.

Q What is your favorite thing from 2016 (accomplishment, resource, book, quote, experience)?

My favorite things over the years continue to be watching hourly team members learn and absorb coaching then turning into hourly managers and then salaried managers. No matter what business I am in, if I can foster and inspire the promotion of team members I know there will be a lasting impact on that individuals life.

About Success Tip Series
I hand picked each one of these fine successful business owners because they represent the national population, different backgrounds, as well as different areas of expertise, cultures, companies and journeys!  I feel by having each one of these wonderfully successful men and women included with their success tip we can reach thousands with their advice!


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