Make $1800 More a Week by Doing This

Many times in my networking and meeting with prospects, I hear the comment,
“I cannot afford to pay a coach or for consulting right now.”
The average person spends almost 50% of their time at work in a state of non-productivity. ​ If you own your business, this statistic means that only HALF the hours you spend away from your family, your hobbies you love, and your life are actually productive. Maybe you’re already aware of the dangers of poor productivity because you’re seeing that what you set out to accomplish in 40 hours is regularly leading to you working 80-100 hours a week.

What I can tell you is that when you work more than 10 hours a day for over 10 days, your productivity decreases even further. You end up working upwards of 100 hours a week just to compensate.

How do you correct the issue?

By setting goals and staying on task. When you do, you are able to accomplish far more in your business by intentionally focusing on the areas that will lead you to quicker growth and increased success in a shorter period of time. This kind of speedy, focused success leaves you with more time for your family, your hobbies, and your life.

If you make $100 an hour for your time, and you are losing 18 hours a week in unproductivity, you are losing $1,800 a week!

Now, perhaps you think you are more productive than that, but let me add if you are spending time not focused on the elements of your business that make you money and reward you in the way you invest your resources, you are still losing money and and wasting your energy.

For this exact reason, every single one of our services with every consultant in our company comes with a money-back guarantee. If you invest in a small, $300 mastermind program, you will most definitely get your $300 back in increased productivity and earnings. And that’s just from one simple hour of support and guidance each week.

Now, knowing you can make $300 more in just one hour a week, imagine what would happen if you invested 5 hours a week with a consultant or a coach! And the beauty is, you can make it happen without having the consultant sitting in your office, watching over your shoulder.

Simply by investing in working with a coach to get a strategic plan and some accountability in place, you have the guaranteed benefit of more earnings, growth, and success in your business for YEARS after our work has begun.

The second you decide to invest in yourself, your business’ value grows. Just from making that decision.

Why? Because I cannot buy what is in your head. I need tangibility. I need processes, systems, and measurable outcomes. I need the plan, the progress, the journey, and the passion. I need something that I can duplicate and replicate and make money from.

This IS the secret. Quite simply, you cannot operate a business successfully for any extended period of time by just repeating what is in your head. Establishing clarity not only adds value if you choose to sell, but clarifying your goals, plan, and offer makes you more marketable to clients. And clarity also makes your business more manageable for you as the owner and easier for your employees and staff to support. If you want longevity and growth in any business, clarity must come first. And consistently investing where it counts is how you get there. That $1,800 return that made you start reading this post comes from you, investing in yourself.

So the next time you hear a client state that they cannot afford a service like an accountant, a consultant, a social media expert, remember this article. Share it with them so that they know what to do. They, like you, are worth the investment!

If you are ready to invest in yourself and company now, I invite you to join one of our Mastermind Groups.


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