Goal Setting Using the Big, Medium and Small Process

ABPC Goal Setting

When we create goals and set markers for success in our business we can fall into several traps.

We can create goals that sound good but ultimately have no achievement value because either we have no idea how to obtain them or we do now know the value of obtaining them.

In order to break this cycle we developed a three step process for goal creation and achievement.

We call this the BMS Process: Big, Medium, and Smalls

When we create goals using the BMS Process, we identify:

1. the big pain point
2. then the medium strategies to solve the pain
3. and then the small actions

These simple steps allow professionals the motivation to work through the difficult uncomfortable stages of change while having an eye on the big picture.

The small action items give us daily and weekly tasks that allow us to have accomplishments that make us feel like we are making progress despite the big goal being still a huge big hairy thing that may seem far away. This is exactly why the popular SMART goal strategy starts with SMALL, for the S.

What we have found by implementing the BMS Process is that the mindset transition that it brings will lead to more success and achievement in your professional life and your personal life. By having weekly tasks that you can check off and mark as done you will continue to feel motivated, energized, and focused.  Leading to better sleep, more meaningful social interactions, and the feeling of more time to engage in other tasks that you choose whether they are from your list or personal hobbies and desires. Feelings of overwhelm come from thoughts of being stuck or perceptions of not making progress towards your desires and goals.

This three step process alleviates all of these feelings so that when you begin to experience frustration or overwhelm you have a plan, a formula, a structure to regain your traction, find your focus, and get back on track.

BMS Goal Setting Method by A Better Place Consulting

What is one goal that you have that you will try the BMS Process with this week?

Type it below and let us know how it goes!


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