The Sales Swing

Happy 1st Day of Spring Training!  Who is excited?!?

Anyone who has followed the blog for any period of time is painfully aware that I'm a baseball fan.

I started playing softball at the age of four and have many fond memories. Similar to my passion for horses, I believe that the sport ties into lessons for my business and in my personal life. The importance of relying on a team, taking big goals and breaking them down step-by-step, how to play good defense as well good offense, how to swing for t…

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FAQ: Transformational Business Book Recommendations

7 Transformational Books Recommended by RVA Business Leaders
  1. Outside In by Harley Manning
  2. EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey
  3. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  4. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  5. The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris
  6. The 3 Gaps by Hyrum W. Smith
  7. Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

transformational business book recommendations

Watch LIVE with Bunny for more!

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Why You Should NEVER Discount

I was speaking with an extremely successful business woman about Black Friday and asked if she was running a special for her retail stores. Her response was brilliant.
“I sell quality items for a fair price. In order to provide a discount, I would have to jack my prices up just to slash them. That makes no sense, but that is what most people do. Overprice everything so they can say they are giving you a discount or having a sale.”
This made me think about Apple,  a company that classically never…

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Make $1800 More a Week by Doing This

Many times in my networking and meeting with prospects, I hear the comment,
“I cannot afford to pay a coach or for consulting right now.”
The average person spends almost 50% of their time at work in a state of non-productivity. ​ If you own your business, this statistic means that only HALF the hours you spend away from your family, your hobbies you love, and your life are actually productive. Maybe you’re already aware of the dangers of poor productivity because you’re seeing that what you set…

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How to Break Your Business Curse

So anyone who knows how much I love sports could guess I would find some way to work the Cub’s World Series win into a business blog. And that is exactly what I am going to do.
If you watched the series you know that the win came as a result of hard work, not giving up, and having support. I will resist the opportunity to write a second blog titled “The Possible Consequences of Micro Management” in relation to the series but instead focus on an extremely progressive and “patient” individual, Th…

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Make it REAL

ABPC what is your 'real'
One of the keys to success is to find something that you not only excel at but that you also enjoy doing.
But no matter how much you enjoy doing it, the “How” and the “Why” of your actions and journey can dictate whether or not you continue to find motivation and inspiration to continue doing the best job you can.

The clarity in knowing where your motivation comes from can be key when starting out in a company or starting your own company. Many professionals find themselves lost in the detail…

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5 Things Every Business Should Do Before December

 ABPC Mid Year Review
​Now that it is June we thought a great blog might be how to close out the rest of your year strong.

Here are 5 things to ensure that your next 6 months are the best of the whole year!

#1 Goal Review

Now is a great time to reflect on those 2016 goals that you set out to do and see which ones are still relevant? Completed? Unfinished? Started? Be mindful that when you created these goals you did not have a crystal ball and so where you are today in your business may render some of your goals ir…

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Why Apples Make The Best Referrals

I am often asked when networking or speaking to people about A Better Place Consulting,
“Who is a good referral for you?” or “Who’s your best referral?”
I love when someone tells me “anyone”. I love their confidence and excitement to work with anyone but after years in sales and corporate jobs I can honestly say that it is not best idea to focus on working with “anyone”.

Why is that? Because not everyone in the world makes for the best client, for one reason or another. If I am selling bras then…

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