Where Is Your Head?

Do you remember the old Superman comics where the only noticeable difference between Clark Kent and Superman was a pair of glasses? Of course, his bright leotard also comes to mind, but all he had to do was hop into a phone booth, and then, despite walking out with the same facial structure, hair, and even the same voice, suddenly no one knew who he was. 

I always wondered about this until recently, when my daughter was watching a cartoon where the little girl transforms herself with the use of a ladybug leotard. It reminded me of my old complaint about Clark Kent’s transformation. So I asked my daughter why she thought no one at school recognized their classmate when she donned her ladybug outfit. My daughter responded, “Because they are too focused on how cool she is.” 


I began to wonder what else we are missing in our everyday lives because of our own expectations and perspectives. Sometimes, we’re so focused on what we’re doing that the things we see in front of us aren’t even reality. Think about all the business owners who are pouring themselves blindly into getting things done, just to check them off the to-do list. Are they really focused on the things that matter to their company? Are they in tune with their clients’ needs and expectations? Do they even know who their ideal client is? Or has the client become elusive, hiding behind a simple pair of glasses while standing right in front of you?

We see what we’re looking for.

The other week, a tree fell in our neighbor’s yard. This was a huge bother for our neighbor. But for us, it was awesome because we have a wood-burning stove that we always need wood for. Their problem offered great value for us; the difference was our perspective and mindset. 

Here’s another example. I challenged a client the other day who claimed a mindset of not being very detail-oriented, that he was only good at seeing the big picture. I disagreed. He may not like to get into the weeds himself, but he is incredible at hiring people to have around him who are all detail-focused and who support him very well. 

For every one of us, mindset, perspective, and focus are our superpowers. If we have the right settings dialed in for all three of these, we are totally tuned in to the present moment, which means we have the ability to conquer the world. Practicing presence every day means we honor the space that our minds are in every given moment, without judgment. We acknowledge, accept, and take whatever action we can. Then, we move on to the next moment, taking full advantage again. And again. And again, until ultimately we are operating at peak performance across the board. 

This kind of mindfulness is a practice, improved over time. Most of us aren’t living there right now. Therefore, many times throughout each day, we need to check in and ask ourselves, “Where is my head?” 

Getting some accountability helps with the process of developing mindfulness and presence. If you do not have people in your life already who will be honest with you when they observe you in a state of “mindlessness” (when your head is not in line with your best self), then I challenge you to seek out an accountability partner as soon as possible. Even following A Better Place on Instagram is a great start - we post tons of motivational and inspirational reminders about mindset, focus, and perspective.

No matter where you seek support, remember that your best life awaits you. Any wasted energy will just delay the success and fulfillment you seek. 

With a mindful approach, you don’t need to use glasses or ladybug costumes to make a difference. Instead, you can just show up as your authentic self, with your head 100% in the game. Rather than superheroes, the world needs more people who are comfortable being themselves, especially those who have the mindset, perspective, and focus needed to make the world a better place.


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