Writings from my 11-Year-Old Self

While doing some organizing this weekend, I found an old journal from my childhood. Inside were entries ranging from second grade all the way up to middle school. Towards the end of the journal, I noticed two pages sticking out. As I read them aloud, I was astonished at the words I found. 

Scribbled at the top of the first of the two loose pages was a line that read, “Quotes and Inspirations from Stephen King’s The Eyes of Insanity.” 

Beneath, I had written, “Do other people know more about you than you do sometimes? Your mind, especially the minds of young adults, is like a well, a deep well full of water. 

“Sometimes, when a person has a thought they do not like or they think other people will disapprove of, they “lock” that thought in a heavy box. They throw it into that well. They listen for the splash...and then they believe the box containing the negative thought is gone. 

“Except the thought is really never gone. It’s just sitting in the bottom of the well, waiting while the box rots and rusts, waiting until eventually it leaks out and poisons the well’s water. When the well’s water is badly poisoned, we call the result insanity.”

“Today is a new day, a new experience. And, today’s adventures leave footprints on tomorrow’s pathways. People always tell you not to look back. But in reality, when you get lost, you need to look back at yesterday’s footprints to find tomorrow’s path.”

Surprisingly deep thoughts from an 11-year-old mind… and still relevant today.

Also worth noting that I doodled a star, Pac Man, and a string of little footprints on this brilliant piece of writing.

Hope you enjoy.


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