Addicted to Great Danes and Saving the World

Our very own Bunny Young, was a guest on Sketch Comedy Podcast Show. Take a moment to view it below!

Show description:

This week's guest, Bunny Young, is a therapist turned consultant (you may be noticing a trend as of late...) who specializes in helping companies recognize work/life balance and become better at making the world a better place, which is sort of her life's mission statement. Her company, "A Better Place Consulting" (,  is a place where small to large companies go for more direction and also hire her for speaking engagements. 

Bunny currently has 5 great danes at her house. That's a lot of dogs! I don't know if you realize how big those dogs are! They're huge! 5 of them! Not only that, but Bunny found a way to make me feel even more guilty about my extreme coffee addiction, and now I am sourcing fair-trade certified coffee and trying to find ways to make my Keurig machine not so... wasteful. Also, she did part of her college dissertation on the Joker being her client.

The sketch this week is “Even Supervillians Need Some Coaching”

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