Turning Your Gratitude into Growth

Turning Your Gratitude into Growth

Gratitude for Growth

Gratitude, or the practice of being grateful, is something everyone should practice every day. The definition of gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness, which is why it is essential to include it into your everyday life and even grow for it.

In my Facebook Live, I talked about gratitude for growth and what that means. For me, gratitude is being grateful for both the experience and the awareness that comes with it. A great example of that is an experience that I had over Veterans Day when I learned that my children didn’t have the holiday off from school.

Coming from a military family, that seemed off. I did what most of us would do; I took to social media to complain and see if my friends or family shared in my struggle. For most of us, we pop on social media and stir the pot a little. Most of the time, we get no real impact from what we are doing and use it as an outlet to vent our frustration. This time around though, that wasn’t the case for me and my frustration with my kids having to go to school on Veterans Day. Instead, I was able to connect with the Superintendent of my children’s school district and get a better understanding as to why my children didn’t have the holiday off.

Here is where I learned that by surrounding myself with the right people to have conversations with can benefit my growth as a person. I was grateful for the opportunity to have a conversation with the Superintendent, understand the process for days off from school, and get answers for the questions I posted online. Sure, it was nice to vent online about my frustrations, but it was also a helpful experience to get a real answer to my problem.

This entire experience made me realize that I need to find the right people to speak with, to learn lessons from, and get a better understanding of situations I’m put into. Sure, I can talk to people about anything, but if you want to get positive results, a great conversation, or answers you might be seeking, it’s all about the people I decide to surround myself with.

In 2020 I plan to jump on the speaking circuit and talk more. One of my biggest pieces of advice for your point of growth is producing your learning curve and making it happen. You can’t just talk about it, but you need to surround yourself with the right people to talk about it with. In order to up your game, you need to up your tribe. I know that might sound like a lame resource to use, “up your tribe”, but honestly think about it. Surrounding yourself with people who might have different experiences, different ideas, can only help you learn and grow as a person.

I’m grateful for my personal growth and grateful for the professional growth I’ve had. With my professional growth, I’ve had opportunities that have made me grateful beyond what I could imagine feeling. That can be you too. You’re a starfish, and you can make the difference in your life and other’s lives. Take the lessons you have learned and condense them down so your family, your kids, even your friends can understand them. Share those lessons and help people know that they too can grow as a person.  

In the past what growth lessons have you had? What are you grateful for today? Leave us a comment, we would love to hear your story. You can find my Facebook Live video on Gratitude for Growth here.


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