Power of a Herd

Be the Power Behind Your Herd


As a CEO or HR representative, your job can be hard and complicated. Employees might see your position as the enemy, like a predator lurking around the office. Making team members afraid to come out of their office and chat due to repercussions or overall uncertainty. So, as a leader, how can you change that?

It's your job to keep people feeling motivated and productive, allowing them to execute their duties at work but also maintaining the peace within the company. With that being said, how did this get started? Millions of years ago, people were still working together, building governments and societies but I don’t seem to recall any documentaries featuring a corner HR cave. Instead, maybe it's just natural human nature? Or maybe we are not the experts at working effectively together at all.

What if I said there was one creature who for the past 55 million years has held the throne of successfully working together in order to accomplish the greater good? I'm talking about horses here. Horses are herd animals; they work best when they are with their herd. Every herd has an alpha mare, or what we might call a CEO. This alpha mare rises to the top position not because she is the best horse but because she continuously demonstrates her ability to put the needs of the herd first in order to succeed.

As a CEO, you need to look at your company and employees and not identify as "me" but as "we." You will never hear a Colonel or General say how "they" succeed, it's always how "we" succeed. It's your companies' job, your job, to lead people and focus your energy on what is better for your herd. This includes looking at your pack and not judging them based on factors like the generation they were born into.

Being a leader means not micromanaging your team. By micromanaging, employees can gain a sense of fear and might lose the ability to do their job properly. Instead, trust your employees and their ability to do their job. There are three types of motivation; positive, negative, and buy-in. Buy-in is the idea that what is better for all, is better for me. This is the type of motivation that will make your company succeed and yourself as a leader succeed.

It might seem hard, but honestly, loosen the reigns a little, focus on your herd's resources. People do better when they all come together and work as a team and you can easily be the leader of that team. At the end of the day your herd looks up to you and sometimes maybe you should look up to them. You can be the change, that doesn't mean being best friends with your employees, but instead being a positive role model and influence.   

“We do better when we come together”

“Leadership isn’t micromanaging their people and instead trust their employee’s ability to do their job’ 


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