Be You

BE YOU… because you are not very good at being anyone else.

Today, I shared a post on my personal IG (@bunnyhas6legs) from the Huffington Post about Katie Sowers being the first openly gay female to coach a team in the Super Bowl. Upon reading this article, I was stoked for Katie, not because she is gay but because she was 100% herself and totally open about it while still taking action on her dream. 

As Katie has shared, coaching football has been her dream for as long as she can remember. Now, not only is she doing what she loves at an elite professional level, but her team has been massively successful, enough to make it the Super Bowl. 

However, as soon as I posted the Huffington Post story, the negative DM’s started raining in. People took issue with Katie’s sexual orientation… with her being open about being gay… with the fact that the NFL allowed her to be involved… with the fact that I’d shared it… and with numerous other specifics highlighted in the story.

I wasn’t surprised by this reaction, but I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Regardless of my personal beliefs, I always stand behind someone accomplishing their dreams. Life is hard, and for some, it is harder because of the color of their skin, who they fall in love with, the neighborhoods they grew up in, the religion they practice… the list could go on forever. But at the end of the day, we are all humans - and we are individuals. By definition, we are different from one another! 

You Are a Dream Machine

Despite our differences, one of the things I believe should unite us all is that we all have dreams. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your dream is. It doesn’t matter whether you call it a goal, a dream, an aspiration, or something else entirely. 

Every one of us has a deep, secret purpose that longs to be nurtured, cultivated, and encouraged to thrive. I shared Katie’s story because her purpose is blossoming into something freaking amazing, and I am happy for her because of it.

We are all different, and we all have a unique passion that only we get energized about. That is what makes us so incredibly valuable as individuals. We all have dreams that deserve to be brought into reality.

Our passion, purpose, and pursuit of our own path is also why so many people despise their jobs. They are pouring energy and effort into their 9-5… but despite it all, their unique purpose is dying, stifled by the restrictions of their role. They feel unfulfilled and aimless, longing for something more. 

If this is you, take a deep breath right now, and close your eyes. What purpose is calling out to you? Are you on a path that will grow your purpose with a passion only you have? Are you shining the way that only you can? Can you confidently say you are 100% you

Or are there some disconnects that need to align before you can fulfill your dreams? 

If you are not sure whether you are being 100% you, I have news for you: You aren’t. People that are being themselves BEAM with confidence and passion. Think Oprah, Walt Disney, Pink, Derek Jeter… the list goes on. 

Maybe you are dreaming someone else’s dream. Maybe you just adopted that dream because you thought it was what you SHOULD do. If that’s the case… Please, don’t 💩 all over yourself! 

Instead, be you. Do you. And grow you and your purpose. 

As you do, remember that being you is a constant process. Those who succeed are consistently aware of their passions. They are committed, and they know the dream may evolve over time - just like Derek Jeter retiring. He achieved one dream, but he knew he was not done. It was just time for the next chapter… Just as I hope Katie isn’t done even after her team hopefully wins the Super Bowl!

What are your dreams? Your purpose? Or whatever you choose to call it? Comment below or in our Difference Makers Group!


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