Vision 3 Years From Now

Vision for ABP in three years

What do I see? Hear?

I see beautiful views out of windows and a lot of people smiling and happy. I see bright photos on hardcover books and lots of light furniture on new floors. I see a warm office with Guinness and one assistant and comfy furniture. A warm big cup of coffee and fresh air and the beach. I hear laughter, keyboard tapping, flights being announced, kids talking to me and my mom. I hear client testimonials and gratitude. I hear a recent interview that I did for a national morning talk show being aired. Clients are thanking me for helping them become aware of their full potential and growing more than ever imagined not just bank account wise but also personally and they have a better relationship not only what their families and Company but most importantly themselves. 

What does the media say about ABP?

The media calls me the business therapist in claims that I helped individuals have a better relationship with their business and give them back their lives. Breaking codependency between company and owner. The media shares that my strategies to reduce burnout and increase awareness are trending globally and impacting companies as large as Amex and even the military. 

How does the team feel?

The team is grateful to have the stability and support of a better place, also with the freedom for time for themselves, family and their side hustle. There is a loyalty and sense of gratitude and many of the team benefit and learn and grow personally and professionally from their investment in the company/companies. They love the clients we serve and are constantly looking for ways to reach more people without adding additional stress on me and my family. They are dreamers who believe their work is truly making the world a better place. 

What does the community say about ABP?

The buzz in the community is that the growth of our company is only shadowed by the growth of the clients that we work with. There is a really clear path to engagement and companies and associations are lined up for speaking engagements. My four coaching individual spots have a waiting list and business owners are saying oh you must know Bunny. Have you read her book? And when someone says to make the world a better place our company comes to mind. A Better Place is reviewed as a five-star resort for business owners like a continuous vacation from the entrepreneurial roller coaster. 

What does our marketing look like?

Our marketing is word-of-mouth, speaking online podcast interviews mentioned, and online email campaigns from speaking. We are done with retargeting ads and our website has a really clear call-to-action. That inspires and draws the right people in and converts as well as sells the right person on speaking if necessary. We have a YouTube channel and have international interviews in many languages. If we have ads they are for defy on Instagram and we have moved away from the weekly Facebook lives but have a lot of publicity, guest interviews, and video. 

What does the day to day in the company look like?

The company is running like a well-oiled machine with weekly metrics that makes sense to me being mailed but 90% of the nurturing, invoicing, and communication are automated for the online programs and for the speaking and interviews. We use calendly and I also have a right hand that I can trust like Meredith or Alexis who is my Amazonian wizard that keeps me on track and all clients and Prospects feeling like they are being taken care of. 

What does my day to day look like?

My every day is either with my kids or relaxing. For months out of the year, I am traveling to incredible locations that have support for my family and possibly my dad so that the girls can travel with me. I am working no more than 12 hours a week and can check my email for how many online programs have sold. But for the most part, I can relax and be fully present for my girls and family. I still do individual coaching from a really strong internet connection and have a system for notes. Recording and accountability for my clients. I do power Retreats for in Williamsburg and three at locations around the world for large companies and my power Retreat for individual business owners is sold out 12 months in advance and within 4 hours of registration going live because of its reputation and transformational impacts. I am focused on my speaking and individual coaching and told when to travel to a sold-out power Retreat or to an interview or filming. I'm featured on LinkedIn for their recordings and have traveled to Santa Barbara for this reason twice. There's a CEO of sorts for everyday business stuff, conflict, resolution, growth strategies, and implementation and I am left to dream, Inspire, and make the world a better place the company is completely debt-free and uses the profit first system for budgeting and operating expenses. 

How are we doing financially?

$2.4 mil gross revenue company with minimal overhead and have 6 months of operating expenses including salaries and savings. The company has a $280,000 line of credit if necessary as well. We are completely funded by our services and no debt. 80% of our monthly Revenue comes from online services such as defy and Death of a Salesman And the rest is coaching, speaking, and a little portion about 5% from retreats. Travel fees and per diems are included in contracts. Often times including travel for my family as well and for my team and their families to come so that they can witness the impact that their work is making on the community. We are able to stay at hotels that allow me to restore, be inspired, and recharge, and not run into conflicts with individuals who don't understand service animals. 10% of our net revenue is invested into a cause the team supports.

Our core values are:


 Boldly living your purpose as your whole self and who you are.


Knowing who and what got you to this moment and remembering to be grateful and supportive to those people and actions. 

Joy de vivre:

Find joy in fulfilling your purpose and along the journey find time for laughter. 

Rocky and the value:

 Never do anything that would not make my children proud of me. 

What is our culture?

Our culture is open, light, forward-thinking, and positive we do not have a sales team because every client and team member speaks so highly of us they are a better Salesforce than any paid Salesforce. We have weekly quality and engagement check-ins for individual clients through something like Google forms and online programs have surveys and engagement automated reminders if someone has not checked in or a stalling in completing the course. 80% of clients volunteer a testimonial and 98% are five stars. Team engagement is mostly with the COO figure and I engage with the right-hand weekly. However, we have a weekly way for me to ensure team knows I care and I appreciate them. Birthdays are taken off. Maybe even a paid week off birthday is. 6 weeks PTO per year. I am told when to show up and what to film based on current trends and have regular blogs and articles published and I'm helping get the inspiration out to the world rather than in my head. 

Our Services


Overwhelmed and not sure how to catch up? Unlock the all-inclusive tool box that includes over $24,000 worth of tools and coaching in an effective combination of life-changing results. If you are ready to take back your life and start running your company rather than it running you and ready to have the time for family, self, and still get the results from work? Let's defy the odds and start today. 

Death of a Salesman:

You are doing all the things that the programs tell you to do but it still isn't working or doesn't feel authentic and that is because you are trying to sell the way that they tell you to sell rather than the best way for you. This program is the foundation for every other sales program created. Stop trying to find out how to get people to buy and start delivering on the WHY people buy from your company and from you. Death of a Salesman will cut out the nonsense and give you an outline and formula to best deliver your message to your ideal clients and activate the buying psychology of your prospects. You will not need a salesperson in your company because with these tools you will create an army of passionate fans who keep coming back to spend more and more with your company and bringing anyone they meet right to your doorstep to be your next ideal client.

Power Retreat


"Bunny's retreat at Dream Catchers unveils wisdom about business acumen that the world's best MBA Programs cannot teach. Trust, patience, faith, and a horse named Heidi are all you and your business need"

Get you out of your head, away from the office, and provide insight through a full day retreat with other professionals in an ideal setting just outside of Williamsburg, VA.  Gain clarity, focus, and support to launch yourself into the next level of success and awareness. Designed for maximum impact in a minimal amount of time to respect the small business owner, this retreat is packed with insights, activities, and transformation. Everything is included, all we need is you! *No riding or horse experience necessary to participate

Remember that this retreat also supports the nonprofit ranch that hosts it to provide riding scholarships for individuals with disabilities. 

You might be wondering what to expect and here are a few guarantees: a delicious lunch, a light breakfast, an interaction with at least one equine, and depending on how open-minded you come to this process...a lifetime of takeaways and transformation. This retreat is special and it is designed for special individuals just like you. 

Corporate or Group

Team building with actual lasting long term benefits and results. Great for multigenerational teams and as a part of a company retreat. Learn soft skills in the most efficient way to improve not only comprehension but implementation. Past participants have raved about improvement in communication, engagement, morale, and trust among team members. Can be multi-day and accommodations can be arranged for up to 12 individuals.

Individual Coaching

Accountability and strategy that is designed and provided just for you. The swift kick in the butt that you have been secretly hoping would come so you can finally get out of your way. Applications are available for those who are serious about reaching their goals and willing to let go of that which is not serving them in order to achieve what they were put on this earth to accomplish. This is our highest level of engagement with clients and each coach only serves a limited amount of individual clients per year to ensure absolute dedication and drive to the client's goals and success.


High energy keynote talks that leave the audience inspired and ready for action. When is the last time you took action after hearing a speaker? Talks are designed for maximum impact and positive takeaways. Themes include overcoming adversity, resilience, bottoming out/burning out, balancing work and family, and entrepreneur psychology

Company Overview:

We are the absolute best at breaking codependency between businesses and the people that make them awesome. Our customers love us because of our straightforward style and transparent commitment to our core values and working with clients that align with our vision to make the world A Better Place.


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