Cancer Sucks/I am making a plan for Cancer

The most important woman in my life was recently diagnosed with cancer. Tomorrow she goes in for surgery. 

But to be honest, I feel like I am walking around in a complete fog. I saw two clients today and was, fortunately, able to get into the flow during our time together, ignoring my underlying feelings of impending doom. But those two client sessions were the only times all day that I managed to rise above the heaviness. 

I won’t share this woman’s name here out of respect for her. But I will spend the next three weeks focusing on her health and recovery. I will be there to support her. I will devote my time where I feel it matters most. And, because the world doesn’t stop when there’s a health crisis, I also plan to take care of a few business things while I’m away. 

After my client calls, to prepare for being gone, I began to put together a file folder with all the things I can do, accomplish, and distract myself with while I am out of the office.

But suddenly, I stopped throwing things into the file. What was I doing? Creating more chaos for myself? This thrown-together file was not going to help me overcome the chaos I felt inside. I needed a plan, a plan for cancer. 

Now before you start thinking cancer listens to no one and therefore a plan for cancer is not helpful, hear me out. My plan is not about fighting cancer, though the woman I will be supporting will be fighting hard. 

The planning is for me. I need a plan because it helps me feel prepared.

In my business, there are things that I would like to accomplish during the next three weeks. However, I am setting myself up for failure if I pack a file full of things to get done, knowing I may not even touch them. 

Instead, my most important task for the next three weeks is to be there for her. That is my top priority. That is my PURPOSE.

Putting the file aside, I asked myself, “How can I set up action items and a calendar that support this priority?” As answers and ideas started flowing, I began to make a list. 

Bunny’s Cancer Recovery Action List
  1. Text two people each day, and tell them how I am feeling. Ask them to touch base with me tomorrow to make sure I am doing okay.
  2. Stick a post-it note on my computer to remind me that taking care of myself is not selfish. Rather, self-care makes sure those around me are receiving my best because I have what I need in order to be my best for them.
  3. Schedule a date night for Friday to go out with my amazing husband (photos on my IG!), enjoy the life I am blessed to have with him, and appreciate his patience (I have been distracted lately).
  4. For the woman, I’ll be supporting, order favorite movie on Amazon so that we can watch it when she gets home from surgery.
  5. Create a Cancer Warrior Playlist of all of her favorite songs to jam out to while recovering.
  6. Text my business partner to share when I am having a hard day. It is important to communicate with those who depend on you so that they know your mental state and what to expect.
  7. Look at my calendar and remove any unnecessary appointments to free up my time, so I can be present for her and for myself.
  8. Schedule time with my doctor. I want to take this opportunity to check in on my own health. It sneaks up on all of us.
With this plan in place, I am confident I will do everything I can to take care of myself and the woman I will be supporting.

Maybe you think I am crazy for taking this approach. Maybe you’d handle a health crisis differently. But so many times in my life I have felt like I am standing in the middle of a carousel of crises, spinning all around me. When that happens, I know it is important to identify what my duck actually is (read that blog here). Only with that piece in place can I take a deep breath and figure out the next step. 

Today, that next step is closing my laptop, saying a prayer, and heading home to have an amazing meal with my family. After that, I will do my best to enjoy my evening, prepare for tomorrow morning, and go from there. 

Cancer is never welcome, always an uninvited participant. But it will not be the last uninvited thing that enters my world. Because of my ability to encounter, evaluate, and execute, I will overcome this hurdle like I have overcome so many others. I am here to save the world, and no obstacle can compete with my mission. Not even cancer.


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