I am an entitled business woman.

That’s right, I said it. I deserve stuff. I work hard. And without a doubt, there are things in this world that I am entitled to.

When did “entitled” become such a negative word?

“Oh, she acts so entitled,” we say.

Well, if she has justified her right to something, then by definition, she is entitled to it.

I am no longer scared of this word but rather empowered by it. I frequently tell clients they are entitled to higher rates for their services, a month off of work if that’s what they want, and several other things that, before I claimed my own entitlement, made me cringe when I said them aloud.

For too long we have run from this word thinking that it means something negative. To say, “I am entitled to the success that I have planned for and created,” might imply that I have an attitude around my success that could be perceived as less than humble. But if you know you did the work and deserve the reward, should you be so humble you don’t get rewarded? I am pretty sure Oprah feels like she is entitled to her plane, multiple houses, and island. She is notoriously successful; she might not think it was an insult if you told her she was entitled.

In a past issue, Time Magazine used the word entitled on their “Me Me Me” cover, reinforcing the perception that entitlement is a negative attribute. But within the word “entitled,” we find the word “title.”
What is your title?

What responsibilities, duties, and rights comes with your title?

To what are you entitled because of your title?
If more people stood up for what they were titled and entitled to receive - payment, respect, benefits, and rewards - our world might look very different. Equal pay, equal jobs, equal household duties, and so on could be the norm. I truly believe that a lot of employers and companies in this world choose not to give more to those who have earned it and are entitled to it simply because they know that in the end, no one will ask for more.

What would happen if, after you finished reading this article, you decided that you were entitled to more and went after it? What if, with all due respect, you argued your case and received what you deserve? You would be one more individual closing the gap between what you are entitled to and what you currently have. Your entitlement would be progress.

Go be entitled. Claim it, and go get what you deserve. Make more, earn more, and succeed more.


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