Priority was never a plural word.

We live in a world where even after we complete something or win an award, the first question we are asked is, “What are you going to do next?”

Aside from the rehearsed and inauthentic answer of “Going to Disneyland!”, we are left with a feeling of unrest as we determine what the next thing is.

In society, a win is not celebrated the way we should. When a team wins a championship they get a parade. When is the last time that you had a parade thrown for accomplishing something? One of the reasons that it is hard to stop and celebrate is that there seems to always be something else that needs to be done and the to-do list is never-ending.

This is why I have taken to the acronym O.N.E.



So when I Focus O.N.E., not only does it mean that there is something being crossed off my list but it also gives me permission to not focus on anything else. I do one thing and I do it the best that I possibly can. As I am writing this blog I am not listening to music or stopping to read email. I am in a zone. This means that I will finish this blog quicker then if my attention was divided, my thoughts will be more cohesive than if I was distracted, and I can feel accomplished when I complete the task.

Using this process creates a very clear start and finish to my to-do list and the priority for the moment. Notice that I did not make that plural. When I am multitasking it does not feel like I ever really get anything done because when I complete one thing there are 6 others that I was in the middle of or just started that now need my attention.

You are probably doing it now. You probably have the notifications on your computer or phone going off as you are trying to read this.


Turn everything else off and allow your brain permission to just focus on one thing and do that well. You will feel more accomplished, deliver a better product and be less stressed throughout the day.

Feel free to post your Focus O.N.E. item in our Difference Makers Facebook Group for additional accountability.


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