If You Are Not Doing What You Love You Are Losing Money

Guess what, you are valuable!

Yes, YOU!

I am talking to that unique person who is reading this article and I am pretty sure you already had a sense that this was true otherwise you would not have clicked and opened this up to read!

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you cannot argue that there is no other you on this Earth.

youer than you by Dr SeussAs the great Dr. Seuss said...

And that is the truth! Do you want to know why most of the individual client that I work with start their own companies? And why most of them are over 40 years of age?

Because it takes that long apparently to understand that the thing that they were put here on this Earth to do is exactly what they are meant for. Unfortunately there are not many positions in someone else’s company that allow for my client’s to fully live out their purpose and passion. Thus, they end up quitting their jobs and starting their own companies or beginning a side hustle. The only difference between your company and your old job is that rather than being the person fulfilling your passion, you were working for the individual who took the risks and decided to fulfill theirs.

Life is too short for you to not live out your passion and your purpose on a daily basis. You are here for a reason. Can you imagine if Walt Disney just worked at a donut shop and did not pursue his passion? Do you know how many times someone told him he was crazy and that they would not support his dreams? A LOT!? Can you imagine a world where Oprah just took a job selling shoes rather than building her empire?

This does not mean that jobs will go away or that you should quit yours today. I work with plenty of companies that want to invest in their teams of employees to encourage them to create positions within the company where their passions and purpose can be cultivated and grown. Where they can shine bright and gain experience and if they want to go out on their own, it is respected rather than discouraged. These companies know the value of a happy team player and how that impacts the culture of the workplace as well as the quality of their product and customer service. These are my favorite companies to work with.

You see, not everyone enjoys being an entrepreneur. Not everyone wants to start their own company. But you can captain your own destiny within a company if given the right support and encouragement. You can refine your skills while using your abilities and actually make the world a better place whether you own your own company or just own your own position in someone else’s company. This is the magic of having clarity of your unique value. You can then apply that knowledge wherever you want in this world and make some HUGE positive impacts!

And here is the thing…when you focus on what your unique gift is you can make a TON more money. You are more valuable to your company, your clients, and since you are not wasting your time on the things you were not born to do, you have more time for your family and self!

Here is the math...
You are writing a blog (like this one) but you do not love writing blogs. You take 3 hours to write this blog and edit it, plus adding graphics. Afterward, you feel exhausted because YOU WERE NOT BORN TO WRITE BLOGS. You have also made $0. Rewind and spend the same 3 hours crafting a meal for 10 families to consume your farm-to-table creations. Each meal is worth $18x10 families=$180. In three hours you made $180! But what about that blog? Well, you paid Kevin to write your blog because Kevin LOVES WRITING BLOGS. It took him 45 minutes because HE WAS BORN TO WRITE BLOGS. He charges $100 an hour for writing. You pay him $75. Same three hours but now rather than being exhausted you are exhilarated, you have made $105 AND you have a kick @$$ blog that drives 15 more families to go order your meals!
That is why I cannot say it enough that you are more valuable when you stick to what you were born to do!

I love guiding individuals and companies through their journey of finding their value and making the world a better place. That is my purpose. I was born a counselor, guide, co-discoverer, visionary, and accountability expert. Take some time today and share what you were born to do in the comments! If you want someone to explore your gifts with through a sounding board conversation, grab some time from my calendar or connect with our Difference Makers Tribe on Facebook.


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