Share Your Story

When you visit a company’s website, do you click on the “about us” tab?

It’s common to see a history of the business, mission statement and names of the owners or managers.

But how often do you actually see the story of the meaning of the business and owner?

What is lacking in our lives and in our businesses today is the true story that started the business. The founder’s personal story. Think about how often we see an image of Walt Disney or his quotes used to explain Disney's culture, mission and growth plans. We know that Disney would not be a success and the company it is today without that man, without the obstacles he overcame, without his morals, his values, his beliefs, and his dedication.

Now take a look at your company's website or read through your Facebook page.
  • Where is that story about your company?
  • Have you shared with your clients why you do what you do?
  • Do your clients and your team know what differentiates you from any other company on the business planet?
Because the true answer to that question is not customer service, it is not the patented secret, It's not even the special ingredient.  The true differentiator for any business lies within the business owners’ founders story.

If you have not already I would strongly encourage you to sit down and write your story.

Even if it is only 1 written page or short video, just get it out of your head.  Then figure out how to share that story across your brand. Figure out how to deliver that story to your clients, team, and into the community.

If you have had struggles in life I guarantee that those experiences are shared with your clients as well. How many of us have shared the story in our lives of overcoming cancer, harassment, educational disabilities, or a challenging upbringing? I know when I share my story on the stage, I notice hundreds of people nodding their heads in understanding when I speak of growing up with a disability, feeling different, marital struggles, infertility, and so many other aspects of my life. These challenges have made me stronger and made my business what it is today.  Sharing these experiences have allowed others to know my story and have a deeper connection to me and my business.

So take some time today and decide how you will share your story with those around you.

Knowing your story helps you understand the core values, ethics, morals, and vision for the kind of business that you want.  Armed with that purpose, you’ll know how to achieve success without violating the true soul of not only your business but also the person behind the scenes.  Your story is a gift to those who waiting to know why your business is different.

Go ahead, your clients are waiting, the community wants to hear, and I do. Feel free to share story in the comments to encourage others to find their voice and share their stories as well.



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