How to Cash in on a Snow Day

Snow days can suck when you work from home or have young children. School gets cancelled (for weeks it feels like) and you are stuck home entertaining or turning a TV on all day as you try to get some sense of sanity and productivity. Here are my best tips to cash in on the snowy obstacles of winter:

#1 Call your Clients

Most likely you have a captive audience on this day. Everyone is either stuck at home or at least not being very productive at their office. Having an outside person to talk to could be a welcome distraction from staring out into the powdery abyss or being constantly chased by children around the house. This is a great way to build and add value to your client relationships. A snow day gives us enough time to do this activity which normally is not a priority.  How else can you recognize your clients?  For more client appreciation tips I recommend visiting Dianne Hentzen at Caring Touch Concierge.


#2 Call Your Prospects

Similar mindset but a different population. Prospect dialing should take 1/3 of the time on a day when everything is closed due to snow. Meetings are cancelled, a lot of people are home, offices shut down which means your odds of getting an answer and a face to face scheduled is very high.   Being stuck inside might make your prospect even more excited than usual to schedule face-to-face time with you.


#3 Catch up on Blog or Article Writing

I will give you one guess on what kind of day this blog was written….yeah. I set the kids up with an audio book and Legos, and took that break to write down tips inspired by my productivity breaks today. Since paperwork will always be there and sometimes a snowy storm means that you do not have internet, writing can be a great productive activity for a snow day. If you can write, edit, and publish your article on a single snow day you also have a larger captive audience to read it as many individuals stuck inside turn to their devices and social media outlets to read and connect while shut inside.


#4 Catch up on your Favorite Podcasts or Audio Books

While you are wandering around the house or organizing your Tupperware cabinet on this free day, pop on your favorite audio book or interviews with your favorite entrepreneurs and catch up on all the latest information and tips that you normally only get 10-20 minute slices of on a normal work day. You could also always catch up on Live With Bunny for some entertainment and education!


#5 Sleep

This is my favorite personally. Take a nap or 5 of them. I do not support sitting on the couch and binge watching Stranger Things all day. I do however, think that in the age of 12-15 hour work days, if you are stuck at home and the kids will allow you to have a break (maybe while they are napping) that you lie down and catch up on some much needed rest as well.

I hope that these tips were valuable for you during your winder wonderland break. Stay safe, warm, and cozy because soon it will be melted and back to the grind we will go!


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