Success Tip #8: Elliot Roth

Today's Success Tip is from Elliot Roth, CEO Spira Inc..  Elliot will tell you something that you may hear often and honestly I quite agree!

Success Tip #8 Elliot Roth, CEO Spira Inc.

Q What is your piece of advice?
A There's two things that stop someone; giving up and not having enough money. When you consider that money is merely converted time, the only thing getting in your way is yourself. Never give up and you can move mountains.


Q What is your favorite thing from 2016 (accomplishment, resource, book, quote, experience)?

A My crazy journey with my company. I've been able to travel all over the world, meet some incredible people, and grow in a variety of ways to tackle issues associated with malnutrition, water purification, climate change and more. I'm looking forward to an amazing year with the team in 2017!

About the Success Tip Series
I hand picked each one of these fine successful business owners because they represent the national population, different backgrounds, as well as different areas of expertise, cultures, companies and journeys!  I feel by having each one of these wonderfully successful men and women included with their success tip we can reach thousands with their advice!


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