Success Tip #7: Laurel Holland

I sure hope you have found these last few weeks full of wonderful tips, accomplishments, enjoyment of what each does for themselves as well as for others.

I'm not done yet!  Take a moment, stop what you are doing and read this tip!

Success Tip #7 Laurel Holland, Author of Courageous Woman: Live Your Inner Power

Q What is your piece of advice?As a Life Coach, my role is to help people get to their own best advice within. I truly believe that everyone has the answers that they seek within them. Those answers are often buried beneath the ways we become conditioned, for example, the conditioning that makes us do “the right thing”, “be nice”, or become "economically successful". Learning to get quiet, tune inward and connect to your inner wisdom is the best process anyone can master!


Q What is your favorite thing from 2016 (accomplishment, resource, book, quote, experience)?

A I traveled to England for vacation with my husband and we set out on a road trip through the English countryside. It was a most magical time!

About Success Tip Series
I hand picked each one of these fine successful business owners because they represent the national population, different backgrounds, as well as different areas of expertise, cultures, companies and journeys!  I feel by having each one of these wonderfully successful men and women included with their success tip we can reach thousands with their advice!


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