October STAR Program Award, Cindy Stillwell

October STAR Award Recipient

Cindy Stillwell

A Better Place Consulting is proud to honor Cindy Stillwell as October's STAR. Cindy is the founder and owner of Core Health Thermography and Wellness in Troy, Virginia. As many of you may know I myself dealt with cancer in October of 2013 and suffered a miscarriage. It was very unlikely that we would be able to conceive again. I began working with Cindy last year in hopes of overcoming the obstacles that my doctors told me would prevent another child. Within 6 months of beginning my work with Cindy and Core Health Thermography and Wellness, her carefully guided support and extraordinary services created a safe environment for us to finally conceive and now into our 6 month we are confident we will have a healthy baby in 2017.
We credit Cindy and Core Health with making this a possibility. Her support and caring dedication to our family went perfectly with the therapies and nutritional support that she recommended. She was able to use her advanced technologies to find out what my body was asking for and lacking as well as what might indicate my fertility issues and areas to support as we balanced out my health. She supported us when we were told it was impossible. She does this for men and women every day at Core Health.

With this being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought now would be the perfect time to shine a spotlight on all that Cindy does through her work at Core Health. She uses her profound knowledge and passion for quality of life for all to make a better place in our world. What she was able to do for me and my family has allowed me the health to help so many.

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