ABPC how do you do it all
Most of you know that I also run the non-profit Pawssible and people often ask how I do it “all”?
This is an incredible question right? First what does that even mean? What is doing it all? What is all?
Is this a compliment or is this a suggestion that I should be doing less?
I have stopped trying to decipher the code and have looked deep into what this means for me and finally, I have figured it out.
I know exactly how I do it all and even better, I know exactly what my all is.

​It is really simple –  I only do one thing and I focus on doing that really well.

It is what drives me, energizes me, what I was born to do, and what I wake up each morning invigorated to accomplish each and every day.

I make the world a better place.

It is why I named the company what I do rather than “Bunny Young’s Consulting Firm”. It is larger than me and I realized that early on. What I wanted more than financial stability, publicity, recognition, my own company, or anything was for positive change in the world.

I want to leave this world a better place for my children.

When the idea for Pawssible Service Dog Connection was formed it was simple to say I could be the Executive Director of the organization and support this community. Why? Because I was doing the same thing I do for ABP. I am supporting positive change in order to make the world a better place.

Whenever I have a new business venture to consider, a volunteer opportunity, a feeling of overwhelm, or a church obligation, I settle back into my focus and decide:

Will this help make the world a better place OR is it something I am doing because I think I should be doing it?

In A Better Place Consulting when we make choices for strategic planning and goals, we return to our core values, and why we exist. That foundation and alignment allows the team to remain clear not only on what they are doing but why they are doing it. We do not put in 12 or 14 hour days because we want the overtime or the money. We do it because we know what our efforts are going to. We know that our changes are effecting our worlds, families, and communities. I love that my daughter shares my passion and understanding and if I do have to come home late occasionally or work on a blog, paper, or proposal late into the night, she finds comfort because mom is saving the world, one client at a time.

So do not do it all.

Do what you love, what you do well, and what drives you.

Do that one thing, do it over and over and over again, share that with your family, your company, your friends, and your world.

It is your gift, and you will be rewarded for honoring that authentic skill and passion that helps you make your world a better place. 

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