Bunny Young

Have you ever felt like you were making progress only to lose your momentum or find that you were progressing in the wrong direction?


​Business owners and executives cannot afford to lose this valuable time or waste resources by experimenting with trial and error. In our individual growth coaching executive and leadership program, I work with pioneers in their industries and support them in doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling, their success and revenue.

​Each year I personally take on no more than 6 individuals to work with exclusively and dedicate a weekly presence into their personal and professional achievement.

The second you decide to invest in yourself, your business’ value grows. I consider it a great honor to pour my time, thought and energy into my clients to improve their business and life.  I hope that you will consider making the investment with A Better Place Consulting.

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Bunny’s most successful clients are those that possess these qualities:


Those with the absolute drive to crush business goals while keeping true to their mission, purpose, values.

Those who have an open mind to accept new ideas and ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Those that are hard-working and dedicated to the long term commitment that will bring them success.

Those ready to accept a new approach and lifestyle change for their career.

Those that appreciate a direct and honest communication.

Coaching Program Elements

Millionaire Mindset

Strategic Planning


Weekly Action Plans

Ideal Client Development

Growth Exercises


Problem Solving

Coaching Options

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Bunny is extraordinarily thorough in her sessions. Her passion for her clients is evident, as is her desire to bring out the best in each as an individual.”

“Thank you! As a sole proprietor, I found myself getting overwhelmed at time by the abundant number of “hats” to wear for each area of the business. My tasks always seem to be the launching pad to another task ~ without finishing the first. Bunny’s respectful nudging through years of my own conditioning helped me to see things in a more organized and palatable way. Thank you Bunny for the compassion and passion you delivered in your own uniquely wonderful style!!”

“Bunny has helped me refocus my efforts and concentrate on the positive, to see the results of my efforts and translate that into future short-term goals. ….I chose to work with Bunny because I knew her to have a similar altruistic outlook on life as I do. Our efforts are not just about making a better business, but a better community and a better world. For me, I would tell others that my experience working with Bunny has been inspiring.”

Decide today to make working ON your business the priority