A proven process to implement and keep the habits that drive results and create more time for the things you love.

My proprietary method will ensure you achieve your goals without burning out.


Right now…

  • You’re burnt out and overwhelmed at the end of your day and didn’t even put a dent in your ‘to-do’ list.
  • You feel guilty about not spending enough time with your family.
  • You’re frustrated that you’re working so hard and still don’t have a bank account that reflects that.

Problem is,

  • Investing in self paced courses is adding to your plate and not giving you space to actually make a change. 
  • There’s no accountability or room to actually facilitate the change.
  • You’re trying to do it alone, so it’s easy to fall back into the same patterns.
  • You don’t know where to start and don’t actually believe things can change.
  • You have watched 50 free webinars with good information but cannot find the time to actually implement the information.
  • You are missing out on precious time with your family.
  • You started the business or career for more freedom both financially and personally and now you feel like you have less.

How would it feel to…

  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor without adding more to your plate?
  • See life through the lens of abundance rather than scarcity?
  • Be powerfully supported by a group of people who really get it, and you?
  • Have personalized coaching that’s both supportive and direct?
  • Have a lifetime’s worth of clarity in just months?
  • Have an action plan and framework to not only make goals but actually achieve them?
  • Have the medicine to overcome overwhelm at your fingertips?
  • Have the formula for daily success to make sure that this time it sticks?

I can help you get there.




A 6-Month, all-inclusive coaching program for high achievers who want to go from burnout and overwhelm to abundance and freedom.


 "DEFY honestly has something for every kind of learner and business owner. You'll learn what works for you and how to keep it up long after the course is over."

Join DEFY and access all this!

Each week brand new lessons and resources will appear in your members-only dashboard.

I will walk you through the action items for the week, so that each week you are building on the habits and shifts you’ve made the week before.

And you get access to the entire DEFY community the moment you join! To connect with like minded individuals, and access resources that can start you off on the right foot.

DEFY Course Book

The 7 Step Book Includes: • Goal Worksheet • Overwhelm Busting Outcome Organizer • 90 Day Calendar • Freedom Model Calendar • Keep Focused 12 Month Calendar • Rituals for Success Worksheet

Video Lessons

Most courses have workbooks or lessons. But we made sure you had both video and workbook lessons in the course for maximum impact.

One-on-one Coaching Calls

Two one-on-one coaching calls ensure that you can reduce your learning curve and bring real results. You can use them whenever you need during the program. This is your opportunity to work with your coach on real results in the way that is best for you.

Group Coaching Calls

Monthly group coaching calls with a live coach. This is your tribe, a group of business owners who are going through DEFY together. Receive feedback, support, ideas, resources, and motivation as they share what is working for them, what is not, and you overcome obstacles together. So many great relationships have been formed from these calls!

Exclusive Group Support

Access to the Private Facebook "Difference Makers" Group, consisting of other individuals who have reduced their overwhelm and are now making money while making a difference. Each month you will have access to a LIVE Q & A with Bunny, the founder of DEFY, in which she will answer all questions you have sent in the past month and live questions.

Accountability Emails

Each week you will receive an email with the week's resource, focus, a message from Bunny, and reminder about the calls and videos. In other words, 12 emails jammed packed with information and reminders to keep you on track.

Get started for just $997!

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Here’s what you get in DEFY

I’ve broken the program down into easy to follow steps for success.

  • Eliminate overwhelm by organizing your thoughts and goals
  • Organize your goals in a way that builds momentum
  • Create habits and rituals that turn to-do’s into ‘to-dones’ 

  • Learn how time off can be your secret weapon, and how to fit that in

  • How to build a relationship action plan that supports your goals

  • How to activate your network to accelerate your results

What is included in the DEFY Course?

The amazing thing about this course is that it is a perfect mixture of:

  • Online resources
  • Independent homework
  • Video content 
  • Social media networking tools

  • One on one coaching

  • Group coaching and group support

It has something for every kind of learner (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) and business owner out there. You get to experience it all and find out what works for you and what you want to continue with after the course is concluded.

My proven 7-step process for clarity and results

You are not in this alone - Most courses just have workbooks or lessons but we wanted to make sure you had both video and workbook lessons.

How it works

Available anytime - Learn on your schedule! Access everything in our secure online Member area. We’ve done the research and in order to give you the most time to really take the content in and be successful we will launch a new module each week for the 6 months you are in DEFY as well as support you with the coaching each week!

Easy to use - Content is provided in videos, MP3s, downloadable PDF guides, and your very own workbook so you can choose your favorite format.

Community - Our private community is filled with other high achieving humxns so you’re surrounded by people who “get it”.

See what past clients say...

Bunny provided not only the structural and organizational support to help me find a new path...she more importantly to me, she challenged me to see things from a perspective I would have never thought possible. It was certainly uncomfortable but much needed as it allowed me to see ideas, thoughts and a direction I would not have seen without her guidance.
Bunny has a unique way of showing you how you can make significant changes to your life by implementing daily, weekly and monthly strategies. It just makes sense! You have goals you want to achieve? Then follow her system. Taking all the small steps, knowing your why and understanding what it's going to take to get there are vital to moving forward. She has such a deep passion for helping others that her enthusiastic and positive attitude is so encouraging. It makes you want to keep going! I am grateful for the journey and know that I will be using her teachings for years to come! 
~Faith W.
Working with Bunny has been so incredibly helpful to me personally and to our business! We started off with Bunny with one goal, and over time as things and life changed, we evolved that goal and accomplished so much! She helped us think about our business differently, set goals, stay accountable, and chip away until we reached our goals! We will hands down recommend working with Bunny!!
~Rochelle and Dan, Owners of Transitions Float Spa

"How do I know this is right for me?"


APB_2063If you are here then this is probably the right course for you. Something in your life led you here with the desire to learn how to reduce overwhelm, spend more time with your family, have a business that you run rather than it running you have rung true somewhere in your life. You want more time to do the things that you love, with less stress, and more results both personally and professionally and we are only 90 days away from that. This program is designed with so much content delivered in a variety of different ways that as long as you truly want to reduce your overwhelm and have a business and professional life that does not kill your personal freedom then there is something for you inside this course. Let's talk about some of the reasons others have taken the DEFY Course. You get 90 days to learn the tools and then ANOTHER 90 days of continued support to really master those tools and integrate them into your life! That is 6 months together that you will be powerfully supported so that you can master these tools and your life!

I help high achievers get the most out of life

Hey, I’m Bunny.

APB_2248_(Copy)I’ve been in your shoes. I have struggled with feeling so overwhelmed that I didn’t want to even human anymore. I thought, “how does everyone else do it and make it look so simple, so elegant, so enjoyable?” and then, it hit me (like a 165 lbs. service animal named Guinness). Maybe the key to having more was not doing more. Maybe, just maybe, the key was to DEFY (see what I did there?) the laws of society and have more by doing less. Defying expectations and the norm.

I worked for months and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on my own coaching and professional development and what I came out with was my own unique toolbox that allowed me to have more, do less, and feel successful AND free. What I did next though is what you really might care about though.

APB_1523I took all that I learned, all the tools, all the concepts, all the things my coaches and my degrees gave me and I practiced and refined them into something pretty special. That something is this course that you are about to take part in. This course, written by me, experienced by me, and introduced to others is life changing! Take this from a person who used to justify the amount of missed bedtime stories with the hours that I was working to provide for my family. A family that loved me and I felt so guilty for not being around to experience that love. These days, barely a night passes without epic Disney tunes being belted from their room while mom does her best little mermaid impressions and guilt is replaced by giggles.

I am not the only individual that has benefitted from DEFY. In fact, I hoped that since DEFY changed my life and allowed me to defy my own expectations that it would be possible for others. Could I share years worth of my own growth and development in a way that in 6 months people would have massive results? The answer is yes!

Since offering DEFY to people just like you, participants have generated tens of thousands of dollars worth of additional revenue, created 10 hours more a week of free time (or more!), FINALLY completed their dream projects and goals and so many more stories of whatever success meant for them!

Now I want to help you.

Be sure DEFY is right for you with the

“You’re 100% Protected” Guarantee*

I know DEFY helps high achievers like you, so I’m betting on it being the right fit.

This is also why we have the application and have made DEFY invitation only. I read each and every application and will only extend an invitation if it is a HECK YES from me on DEFY being the right fit.

Join DEFY. If it’s not what you thought it would be, you’re covered - cancel worry free*.

*In order to make sure that you get the most out of this whether you cancel or not, all refunds will be given to those who show up to all the calls, watch all the replays and videos for the first 14 days and show engagement in the community. If it is still not a fit then I celebrate your awareness and honor this guarantee.

Questions individuals seeking life-changing results ask before joining DEFY

“I’m busy. Will I have time for DEFY?”

I understand you’re busy, but if you don’t find a way to make a change in your current situation, will you ever have enough time? With DEFY, you make some time to learn how to have more time for yourself and your family in the future.

“Objection about price”

Can anyone actually put a price on quality of life? This course isn’t just to increase your revenue (though it will help), it is about creating that time for you, increasing the quality of that time and giving you the life you always wanted.

“What if I am just exploring my options”

Perfect! There’s nothing like doing a little research before you start something that may alter your entire life. With this course, you will find a path that will take you to success sooner than your peers who have missed out on this course. We designed it with a mixture of online learning, peer support, group coaching and 1 on 1 coaching. So you will know exactly what works and what you want more of to really accelerate your results. Maybe you can let them in on your secret (wink wink).

“What if I don’t like courses”

Defy has a little bit of everything for everyone! Take the information that is useful to you now and keep the rest in your back pocket for the future. Trust me, everything in this course will be useful at some stage of your personal or business life.

“I feel like I already have too much on my plate”

I have been there. After researching what top executives and achievers do to make things work, I can say this, “placing this one additional item on your plate now will, in turn, clear your plate for future endeavors”.

“How do I know this will work?”

Check out all testimonials from people who were sitting just where you are. It’s not just my word, it is theirs as well. You have a choice to make this decision and investment and make it work. If you’re still not convinced, take a sneak peak of what it’s like to work with me by taking advantage of the free videos and podcasts I provide on my website. Truly, you can choose to make this work or not. The good news is though that you are not alone. You will have all the support and tools to make this work. I am so looking forward to watching you not just make this work but to make it look easy!

Are you ready to go from overwhelmed to abundant and free?

We have all been there. So much to do and no idea even where to start. In this toolbox and course, I have included every tool that I have gathered over 20 years of working with the top coaches and professionals around the world as well as over a decade worth of my personal and professional experience as a therapist. This way you not only have the action steps to make the change but also the psychology in order to keep that change and continue your growth!


DEFY gives you everything you need to achieve your goals without the overwhelm.

  • Immediate access to the community ($600 value)
  • Weekly group coaching calls with your coach ($4000 value)
  • The exact process you need to get a year’s worth of clarity on one sheet ($497 value)
  • My Proven 7 Step Toolbox and worksheet to get more done in less time with clarity and intention and actually accomplish EVERYTHING that you want ($2300 value)
  • All your questions answered every month in a LIVE Q and A ($1800 value!)
  • Lifetime Access to the Private Difference Makers Online Community of other individuals who have reduced their overwhelm and are now making money to make a difference ($5800)
  • Two bonus one on one coaching calls ($3000 value)~ Students can add more 1:1 sessions at a VERY discounted rate if they choose.
  • BONUS Productivity Busting Worksheet ($200 Value)

Total value: $18,197
Get all this for just $4997!

DEFY gives you the exact steps to gain clarity on exactly what matters so you can be free to spend your time making progress not promises.